diagnostic adapter cable – FaceLift & Pre-FaceLift Bundle



That diagnostic adapter cable contains already all known connectors used in ModelS or ModelX. Several enhancements are integrated to fulfil requests from other tesla car drivers.
The bundle version contains the adapter cable, our pre-tested OBD dongle and a voucher code to get free-of-charge the ScanMyTesla App (value €10) from the PlayStore

Why providing our own pre-tested ELM327 compatible OBD dongle? Unfortunatly the app developer (as the first line of contact) already experienced that the quality of the OBD II dongles sold from major market suppliers is constantly declining. We provide therefore these already tested dongles as a bundle element to increase the satisfaction for the car data instead blaming the market resellers for delivering a non-compatible device.

These are some examples of our collection of non-conform dongles.

Therefore, no other recommendations from the app developer side are made beside the OBDLINK MX OBD dongle Amazon-Link
which is reliable but much more expensive too.



statement received from a customer

“… got the parcel. installed it … after 3 minutes all was working perfectly and i started to gain additional knowledge about my car. Thank you for that!”

delivery time: 2 weeks


That adapter cable (named Y-cable due to both connectors) is the result of a forum thread inside the german TESLA-driver-friends-forum
TFF source



Additional information

Weight 0.2 kg
Dimensions 25 × 14 × 3 cm


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