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Tesla Battery diagnostics – Teslalogger Preview

6 thoughts on “Tesla Battery diagnostics – Teslalogger Preview

  1. Hello, I have a 2013 Model S P85, what cable and bluetooth should I buy to use with scan my Tesla app?

    1. Thomas,
      you will need the preFacelift version.

  2. Does the permanent data-pull prevent the car from sleeping?

    It’s it possible to import old data from

    1. Hi Marco,
      in Q1/2020 it will be part of a project for us.
      For those using teslaFi we will provide a solution for a migration.

  3. Hi, What do i need to order for my 11/2018 100d Model X Regards Hedley

    1. Hi Hedley,
      you will need a FaceLift Version of the cable

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